FMDS holds an online forum, “Let’s Talk It Over” webinar series to celebrate the Filipino Social Workers’ Day


The Diploma in/ Master of Social Work program of UPOU – Faculty of Management and Development Studies (FMDS) conducted an online forum under the webinar series entitled “Filipino Social Workers And Our Joint Aspirations For The Country” last June 29, 2022. This online forum provided an online space to discuss salient features, programs and policies related to development, health and the environment. 


Dr. Finaflor F. Taylan, the Program Chair of the Diploma/Master of Social Work formally opened the online forum and welcomed the participants.



Hon. Lorna C. Gabad, the Chair of the Professional Regulatory Board for Social Workers was the online forums’ resource speaker. Hon. Gabad and Dr. Taylan have organized an interactive forum and shared to the audience the updates regarding the Social Work profession in our country. Hon. Gabad introduced and shared the vision and role of a professional regulatory board for social workers in relation to their profession. The online forum stated that the social work practice standards are developed to ensure that people are crafted to guide them in their practices.


In the question and answer portion. Dr. Finaflor Taylan ended the webinar by saying “Licensure is a way to be ready, but it is important na hindi lang sa licensure kung hindi pati na rin sa mismong actual practice.”  Social workers must be enhanced by knowledge, skills and capabilities to become globally-aware and competent citizens.